A must-read for clinicians looking to use yoga and mindfulness in their practice.


Mindfulness and Yoga for Self-Regulation: A Primer for Mental Health Professionals

(Cook-Cottone, 2015)

The first book to present mindfulness and yoga-based treatment for dysregulated, consumption-oriented disorders

Empirical research supports the use of mindfulness and yoga-based approaches as beneficial supplements to traditional mental health paradigms. There are numerous texts which examine mindfulness and yoga-based interventions for depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Despite this, Mindfulness and Yoga for Self-Regulation is the first text to address mindfulness and yoga as embodied practices for reducing dysregulation associated with self-destructive and consumption-oriented behaviors.

“With a recent surge in empirical support for mind–body approaches, many counselors are hungry for tools to assist them in learning to effectively use mindfulness and yoga for self-care and in clinical practice. Catherine P. Cook-Cottone offers just such a tool with her well-researched book, Mindfulness and Yoga for Self-Regulation.”

Jamie E. Crockett, PhD., LPCA, NCC, Wake Forest University

Key Features

  • Describes mindfulness and yoga approaches as an effective treatment for a range of consumption and self-regulation issues
  • Explains how to integrate mindfulness and yoga with traditional mental health paradigms for maximum benefits
  • Designed for clinicians with minimal background in yoga or mindfulness
  • Combines a conceptual overview of embodied self-regulation with practical techniques
  • Reviews treatment protocols informed by mindfulness and yoga practices, covering their evidence base and contraindications for use

How to Integrate Mindfulness and Yoga into Traditional Treatment

This book is targeted at mental health professionals who wish to learn how to incorporate mindfulness and yoga techniques into their practice. It introduces the basic theoretical foundations, key practices, and comprehensive protocols of mindfulness and yoga-based approaches for the treatment of externally oriented behaviors.


The Social Construction of Self

The book explores the societal influences that lead to the externally-oriented, idealized, and ultimately self-defeating concept of the individual. It provides structure and practical applications for clinicians to help their clients overcome struggles with externally-oriented behaviors, and discover an internal sense of satisfaction and peace of mind.


Mindfulness and Yoga: Antidotes to Consumerism?

First, the text explores the concept of a “hungry self” within the context of consumerism. It addresses various aspects of the consumptive self and defines related syndromes, such as disordered eating, compulsive shopping, substance use, and gambling. It then advocates mindfulness and yoga approaches as alternate pathways toward a contented, regulated, and authentic experience of self.